Operational Status

U.S. embassies and consulates are currently experiencing technical difficulties due to systems maintenance that may result in delays in visa processing and receiving and sending email.  Additionally applicants who have interviews for student and exchange visitor (F/M/J) visas scheduled for this week should bring proof of payment for SEVIS fee.

미국 대사관 및 영사관의 유지보수로 인한 시스템 장애로, 비자 프로세스와 이메일 수신 및 답신이 지연되고 있습니다.  아울러 이번 주에 학생 및 교환 방문 비자 (F/M/J) 인터뷰를 예약하신 경우, 인터뷰를 위해 대사관 방문시, SEVIS 수수료를 납부했음을 증명하는 SEVIS 납부 영수증을 가지고 오셔야 합니다.


About US Embassy Seoul

U.S. Embassy Seoul Consular Section
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2 Responses to Operational Status

  1. sang seok choi says:

    I am sang s*** choi
    I allplied R1 visa, last Sep.30
    Consular siad yes. but the visa was not issued untill now
    Please, I want to know, why my visa was delayed
    I am verry hurry
    Please know the situation
    Thanks a lot

    My passport no. M*******2
    My DS-160 NO. A*******80

    • Dear Mr. Choi,

      Thank you for your comment. Please understand that this Visa Blog is for public use and does not guarantee privacy. Accordingly, we are unable to respond to comments that include personal information. Should you have an inquiry concerning an actual visa application, please submit it via email to support-korea@ustraveldocs.com.

      Nonimmigrant Visa Unit
      U.S. Embassy – Seoul

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